Video transcription

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga, and today I'm here to teach you how to backspin like a Michael Jackson. To do a backspin like Michael Jackson, all you need to do is a cross turn to the back, and then turn towards the leg that you cross in the back. So, to demonstrate, if we are going to do a backspin towards the right, I'll use my right leg; I'll put it behind my left leg. While I'm practicing, I'm going to put arms here to the left; so, I'm going to spin towards the right. I'm going to squeeze my legs together, so that when I come around, my right foot or my back foot pops out on the other side. So, to show you how that might look a little faster, I'm going to squeeze and turn. Now, a very important part of the backspin is making sure that you are spotting your turn correctly. So, you want to make sure that you don't look down or look up while you're doing this; but, you want to look straight ahead. So, as you turn around, your head stays behind as your body turns, and then your head turns real quick as you come back towards the front and around. So, watch for my head this time as I'm doing the backspin and around. And that headspin, along with squeezing your legs really tight, is what's going to allow you to do a double or triple backspin. So, if I wanted to take a double, I would again, just turn my head real fast twice, like that. Now, Michael Jackson usually didn't have his arms all nice and neat in first position; usually it's a little bit more creative. So, you might want to try a move with a hat for instance, or you would take your arm like it's on the brim of your hat, and then it comes around as you spin around like that. Or, you could even use one hand, and then bring your other hand up as you spin around like that, if you've got a hat on. Or, if you want to, you don't have a hat, and you just want to keep your arms down below, you can put one arm in front, just like this, one arm in back, and then spin around with your arms at your side like that. Now that you know how to backspin like Michael Jackson, I encourage you to go out there and learn some more of the King of Pop's moves. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga, thanks for watching.