Video transcription

Hi. I'm Wendi Braswell, style and beauty expert. I'm here today to show you how to dress Caribbean style. Yo, man. Think Caribbean, you think of color. You think a vacation, you think of getting away. Don't we all need to get away right now? So, I love the Caribbean. Think of the ocean, think of the colors, so that's how you're going to dress Caribbean style. You're not going to wear gray, you're not going to wear black, you're not going to wear your boots. So, you're going to keep it light an airy, Caribbean style because you're on vacation, man, so come with me. I have some beautiful colors in this scarf. This says it all. This says vacation, this says Caribbean. So, let's take a look at this. This is a great background for your Caribbean style. So, I'm going to work around this today, and show you some tips to wear this, and to keep it light Caribbean style because you're on vacation. I love color for the Caribbean, so what we did was start it off with a basic, lightweight, gauzy, white skirt. White is fresh, it's lightweight, it's airy, it screams vacation. This one is adorable because it's not too long, and it's not too short, so she could throw this over a swimsuit on vacation. She could also wear this out to lunch, out to dinner, and we can dress it up. I paired it with a tank top, which is cotton, which is cool, easy to pack, great for the Caribbean, great style, and a great color. So, I'm going to take this bright, beautiful scarf, we're going to tie it around, Caribbean style, for her vacation, and we're just going to tie it on her hip. Cute for vacation. And we're just going to let that hang. This is really Caribbean style. There is so many things you could do with this scarf. That's one way to wear it. Love it. We added some wooded bangles, that are made of wood, very authentic to the area, and some hand-painted beads. That adds some color again, but again, not too foo foo shee shee accessories. So, keep it light, keep it fun. Caribbean chic at your best. Enjoy your vacation. I'm Wendi Braswell at