Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jeremy with Airworx Heating and Air Conditioning out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and today I'll be actually talking to you about symptoms of finding leaks on air conditioners, and possibly how we can actually braise and fix those leaks. One of the major, major symptoms of having an air conditioner that's got a leak in it is the oil that's associated with the refrigeration. Any time you see oil on a refrigeration unit, kind of like this, it's a very indicated symptom of having a refrigeration leak. Now, braising it is going to take two tools, something that you know a general heating air conditioning contractor is going to have. Silver solder is a very good thing to be able to use with the new refrigerations. Something to weld it up with and nitrogen that needs to be flowed through those refrigeration lines. Alright, what I am going to be doing here is braising up an air conditioning leak. The biggest pointer I can tell you is to keep the heat consistent. When you do get it heated up the silver solder that I am using on here takes a lot of heat. And as you can tell when it starts to heat up you'll know because it will flow exactly perfect on the stopper lines. You want to make sure that you get it nice and hot, keep the flame away from it and it will flow with the heat. Make sure you work it all the way around it. Cover up any holes that you might possibly have on either side of it. And that's pretty much how you weld it up. I'm Jeremy, with Airworx Heating and Air Conditioning, and I've just talked to you about symptoms of finding leaks on air conditioners and how to repair them.