Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tylor, with Airworx Heating and Cooling out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, we're going to be talking a little bit about your air conditioning system. This is your outdoor air conditioner. What it does is it actually removes the heat from the house. And it does that through the process through these refrigeration lines right here. The, the heat actually is pulled from the house from a coil that's inside the, down by the furnace. It pulls it out here, exhaust the heat through the top of the unit right here where this fan is. So, if you ever feel the fan, you can, you can feel the heat coming off of that. A lot of people think that this is actually one com, you know, just one piece of the, of the system. It's actually, you know, it goes inside the house to the furnace to the coil. This, this is your control wiring. This goes to the furnace, sends a signal to the furnace. It kicks the, the air conditioning on when, when the thermostat calls for cooling. This is your 220 volt power supply. It's a quick disconnect; so, if you ever need to shut it off for any reason, you just come in here, pull this tab right here out, like so and that shuts the power to the unit off. And my name is Tylor with Airworx Heating and Cooling, and this is your air conditioning unit. That's what we talked about here.