Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. How to get rid of a layer of fat on the upper abdominals. Alright, you've first got to get the cardio incorporated with your exercise routine. You've got to burn the calories, get that layer of fat off, so then you're able to see the abdominal muscles. But absolutely doing some core training does burn calories, does get the core warm, and it really helps to tighten and tone that area, but cardio is key, and don't forget that. Alright, I'm going to show you the best upper abdominal exercises I can think of. So, right here, plank, gets it done. It works everything. I'm loving it. I'm coming up on my hands first. This is a plank. It's pretty great. Alright, so I'm going to stay here. I'm going to take my right knee and touch my left elbow, bam. Now, left knee. So, I'm crossing, well, right knee to left elbow, yeah. Then the other. Now, feel free to go to your knees and do this. So, I'm doing it on my knees, a little harder. I kind of like it up on the toes, that's working the upper most part of the core, right here, it's pretty good stuff. Alright, so I'm going to hold it here, lift your left leg and your right arm. That targets the upper part of the core, pretty hard too. Alright, let's do the other side, lift the leg, get comfortable, then lift opposite arm, perfect. Alright, so we're on our hands to begin. I'm coming down on my elbows. I'm still in plank. Did you notice that? Upper part of the abdominals working hard, dip the knees and lift, a little bit of movement, abdominals are working so hard doing this one, three, two, and one. Alright, so come on down and over, upper abdominals, come on down. The best thing I can think of, legs up, cross the ankles, lift, it's a reverse curl with a cross leg, upper body, you can actually lift and reach for the feet as you do that reverse curl and it works it. That works the upper. God, it gets it done. So, those are just a few exercises you can do that target the upper most part of the core, gets the heart rate up so you've got some cardio going on, and that's what you've got to do to get that layer of fat off.