Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I'm going to show you how to do abdominal crunches on an exercise ball, and it really is the way to do the crunches. It's pretty fantastic. It's comfortable for your back. And I'll show you. You just want to find your ball. A nice ball;you can get them anywhere. And I'm going to roll down so the ball is kind of like, almost even touching my shoulder blades. Alright, so this is the easiest crunch I think out there. Fingertips on the head. I'm going to lift and I'm going to lower. So, I'm just not lifting the upper body. When I lift, I am pushing my low back into the ball. This is what makes crunches fantastic on the stability ball. I'm going to lift. I'm even tilting my hips a little bit to push. That is activating every muscle in the core. The tennis ball between your chin and the chest. And you want to squeeze. So, that's a little easy. If you want a little bit harder, kind of roll back so the shoulder blades aren't even touching the ball. Same idea crunch. Squeeze. So, I'm really pushing the low back into the ball, two more. Last one. But if you want it harder, grab your weight, you know, hand weight, a circular weight, whatever. Put them on your head and crunch. Now look at what my upper body is doing. It's actually going past the ball. So, I'm getting an amazing range of motion while squeezing. My elbows are facing the ceiling. Three, that's burning. Two, one. So those are three great ways to do a perfect crunch on the ball and get amazing results, 'cause you kind of got the range of motion is a little further. So, the core is stretching, is going to get harder, flatter. That's how you do crunches on the stability ball.