Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling, and in this segment I'm going to show you an old finish carpenter's trick to stop your door from self-closing. A lot of the time, on newly or poorly installed doors, the door will be out of level and will swing shut by itself, whether you want it to or not. An old carpenter's trick to stop that from happening is to take out the pin receiver from the hinge and bang it on the ground a couple of times to put it just slightly out of true. Once you do that reinsert back into the hinge. The tension between the hinge and the pin will stop the door from shutting by itself. To remove the pin from the hinge take a nail punch or counter sync and a hammer from the bottom. Hammer the pin up through the top. Once you got it part way up you can take the claw end of your hammer and pull it the rest of the way out. After that is a simple matter of putting it on the hard surface, hitting it once or twice with your hammer and then reinserting it back into the hinge. I'm Tyler Elliott with Elliott Remodeling, and that's how you stop your door from self closing.