Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I've got some great exercises to work those upper arms. Now, we've got the flyaway flabs, so, no more. So, we're going to work the biceps, the triceps and the shoulders. So, what you'll need is a pair of dumbbells. You can start off with three pounds and gradually build up to a higher weight. So, what we're going to do is we're going to start off with our bicep curl. So, you want to have your feet hip-width apart, bring your elbows into your sides and lift the weights right up to your shoulders. Now, you've got a couple of exercises that you could do with your biceps in terms of where your weights are. You can start off with a hammer curl, keeping your palms facing towards the center. And as you're performing those hammer curls, you can turn the weights out. We call that supinating the weights and really squeeze your biceps at the top. Or, you can keep your palms up and pull those weights in, keeping the palms up as you draw the weights towards your shoulders. So, you can perform about twenty reps, three sets of your bicep curls. The next exercise works the triceps. So, you come down in this position where you want to brace your hand up against your thigh. Lift your elbow up in line with your shoulder and then, fully extend back. Bring the weight towards your shoulder and then, extend the arm back. Now, as you're breathing, you want to exhale on the exertion, inhale as you release that. Now, to really make that tricep pop, turn your palm up at the back. Pull in and press up, turning that palm upward. You can even add some little pauses at the top to really isolate that tricep muscle. So, this is really great for that underarm flab. Perform about twenty reps, three sets of your tricep extension. The next exercise involves your shoulders. So, we're going to start off with the shoulder press. Bring your elbows right in line with the shoulders, press the weights right up overhead. Now, you want to have the weights slightly in front of your head. You can see the weights in your peripherals so that you don't impinge your shoulders. So, nice shoulder presses, twenty reps, three sets. You can even work a lateral lift, working that medial deltoid right in the middle of the shoulder. And you can work the front of your shoulders with a front raise. This is the interior deltoid. Twenty reps, three sets each of those exercises. And those are some great upper arm exercises that you can do to really strengthen those muscles. I'm CarolAnn with