Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I have some really great knee strengthening exercises after an injury. Now, first of all, you want to make sure that you've been release by your doctor, that you can go ahead and start to exercises, that you healed, and now you're just strengthening those muscles around the patella, or the knee. So, first of all, if you've got resistance bands at home, you can simply sit down in a chair, anchor the resistance band behind you, wrap it around your toe and extend your leg. So, this is really good because it's very low weight; you don't want to over-stress the knee, and you just want to get that range of motion going again. So, fully extending and bending the knee as much as you can. So, working on that full range of motion. If you have access to a leg extension machine, like if you belong to a gym, then you can use that machine, leg extension. So, you want to sit up nice and tall. Just take your ankles underneath the pads, and extend the legs and bend the knees. So, this is a really good knee strengthener. Now, obviously, if you've just injured one knee and you want to focus on knee at a time, then, you can allow this one knee to hold all the weight. Again, start off low, low weight, and then build that strength back up. And you can perform about 20 reps of each of those exercises, and then you can start to increase the weight as your knee starts to repair and regain its strength. So, those are some great exercises that you can perform for the knee to strengthen up that knee after an injury. I'm CarolAnn with