Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you scoliosis exercises for core strengthening. So, let's begin. First, we stand with our feet hip-width apart, and we are going to perform a rag doll exercise. So, your head, neck and spine is in alignment. Roll those shoulders back and down. Inhale through your nose to prepare, "Hhhhh"; exhale, roll down one vertebrae at a time and pull your abdominal muscles in, just allow gravity to pull you down closer to the floor. And inhale at the bottom, "Hhhhh", and exhale, roll up, and this feels really good on the spine, keeping the shoulders back and down. Inhale, "Hhhhh"; exhale, roll down and what we're doing here is we're just stretching the spine nice and easy and we can perform about ten reps here. And pull it on up. So, this is a nice warm-up, a nice stretch for the back. So, a stability, a stability ball is really good, especially if you have scoliosis or any type of back issues, 'cause it gives you the support that you need. So, you want to roll down to where the small of your back is on the ball. Place your fingertips behind your head, and your elbows are nice and wide. And we just simply sit up, and come on back. Now, the stronger your abdominals are, the more you can go back into a fuller range of motion with the ball. So, to start off, just listen to your body. Know when you had enough and when you feel pressure or any uncomfortable feeling in your lower back, just ease off of the exercise. Now, your breathing is inhale back and exhale as you crunch forward. and always think about really engaging those abdominal muscles when you're performing your crunch. The next exercise we're going to perform is the back extension. So, you're just going to simply come down on the floor and place your tummy right on the ball with your quads on the ball. So, get into position and you want to brace your feet up against the wall. So, once you're steady in your position, gently place your fingertips behind your ears, lower down and lift up. Now again, it depends on how severe your pain is as to how high you want to lift. So, just listen to your body again. you never want to feel pain. You do want to feel like your muscles are working; but, you don't want to work through pain. So, just gauge that. And you can perform about 20 reps of this back extension exercise. This is really good to strengthen your entire back. And those are some great exercise to develop core strength, especially if you have scoliosis. I'm CarolAnn with