Video transcription

Hi, I'm Carol Ann with, and I've got some great core strengthening exercises for back pain. And what you'll need is simply an exercise ball. So, come on down and brace your feet up against the wall and place your quads right on the exercise ball along with your tummy. Now, you are going to gently place your fingertips behind your head, lower your body down and lift up. Now, in this is exercise, it depends on how bad your back pain is. So, you may only want to come up just a little bit. So, listen to your body as you are performing this exercise. And this is a back extension exercise. Now, to really develop strength in your back, extend one arm out in front and the other arm back. And just alternate that. Now, your breathing here is you always want to exhale up, inhale down. And just nice and gentle. Now, that's for your back. Now, anytime that you are strengthening your back muscles, you also want to strengthen your abdominal muscles. And that will keep everything in balance, so take your fingertips behind your head and simply come on up, contracting your abdominal muscles and lower down. Exhale up, inhale down. Now, what's really nice about the stability ball is it provides support for your lower back. So, if you are experiencing pain, it always releases the pressure back there. So this is a really good tool to have, especially if you are having back pain and you want to strengthen those muscles. So, you'll want to perform about 25 reps of each of those exercises, and that will help to relieve your back pain and strengthen those back muscles, and your core muscles. I'm CarolAnn for