Video transcription

My name is Paul, with Appliance Service by Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're here today to show you how to clean a condenser on a refrigerator. Condensers are located in different places depending on the brand. What the condenser does is it helps remove the heat from the refrigerator sections that has been absorbed and brought down here, and we blow a fan over it in order to remove the heat. If for some reason that condenser can't move air through it, the refrigerator will struggle in keeping cool. You'll have long run times, or maybe even your refrigerator sections will become warm. This particular condenser is located on the back of the fridge, so we have pulled the refrigerator out in order to demonstrate this. We removed the back cover. This is our condenser unit right here. This is the fan I mentioned. This is running continually when it's plugged in until the refrigeration system is satisfied. I like to use a brush like this. This is a condenser cleaning brush, and it's made to get into tight areas. This particular condenser isn't exceptionally dirty, but they still need to be frequently checked to make sure they're not full of lint around these areas. Again, this is just one type of condenser. I use my brush to pull out any lint that I can get from here, and then generally I'll use a vacuum to suck up all the loose particles and any other dust that might be in these areas. Be sure this is unplugged when you do this procedure. Look into your use and care guide in your owner's manual and their recommendations of how to locate and clean your condenser. It will keep your refrigerator running efficiently, and keep your refrigerator running for a long time. My name is Paul, from Appliance Service by Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we've been talking about cleaning condensers.