Video transcription

My name is Paul, with Appliance Service by Paul, and we're here today to talk about odors and removing odors in your garbage disposals. Throughout normal use in your garbage disposal, you'll sometimes get an odor that's not pleasant. What is happening is that down underneath here, in these areas right in here, we don't get enough rinsing when we're using the disposal, so we'll have items build up there. There's a number of ways to address that in how to clean it. One is by using a product like this, which you can find any place they sell garbage disposals, and the directions are on the back. Basically, you're going to put this in the disposal. It will clean it out and remove some of those odors. If you really want to get deep into it though, I enjoy using a brush like this. As you can see, it has a larger end and a narrower neck here, and a good size handle for operating. Simply take the brush, make a small flow of cold water, insert the brush and then bring it up to where you feel the neck and rotate it and pull it out. Do that several times, like so. Then, run the disposal to wash it out. Rinse off your brush, and you're done, and you've cleaned up and refreshened your garbage disposal. Occasional maintenance like this will allow your disposal to last longer. You won't have these odors to deal with. Another method of cleaning your disposal is to insert the plug into the disposal, fill your sink halfway with warm water, then add a quarter cup of baking soda, turn on the disposal, remove the plug, and this will clean out those areas of food particles that you can't get otherwise. These buildups of particles in your disposal are many times caused by not using enough water before and after you run your disposal, so keep that in mind as you use your disposal, and that will help prevent the problem from even occurring. It's also a good practice to grind hard items, ice, bones, all kinds of materials can be put in a garbage disposal, and these harder items create a grit which cleans your disposal out. So that's really helpful to your disposal. It doesn't damage it by grinding hard things. My name is Paul with Appliance Service by Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we just talked about odors and removing odors from your garbage disposal.