Video transcription

My name is Paul with Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we're here today to talk about resetting your garbage disposal. So, you come to over do the garbage disposal switch and you turn it on, and you know, "Wait a minute, nothing's happening." What's the first thing you should do? It might be that the reset button on your garbage disposal has tripped. If that's the case, make sure the power is turned off before you do anything else. Located on the bottom of most disposals is a reset button. If the disposal were to overheat or other reasons, this button will pump out. Immediately after popping out you can't reset it because it's still warm. You need to allow it to cool down before you try to reset the button. Let me show you, now that you've seen the button, how I would reach down and reset the disposal. Having seen where the disposal reset button is, reach your hand under until you can feel it. If it's tripped, the little button will be sticking down, you should feel it protruding. Simply press up, you should hear a loud click. If the reset button does reset, then, turn your disposal back on, you may hear a hum. If you do, your disposal's jammed. In that case, use your unjamming wrench; reach under the disposal into the center, insert the wrench and rotate it until you can release the disposal. At that point, you can look for the object that was jammed into the disposal; remove it with a pair of tongs, don't put your hands into the disposal, then, try the disposal again to make sure you've cleared the jam. I'm Paul, with Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we just talked about unjamming your garbage disposal.