Video transcription

My name is Paul, with Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we're here today to talk about unjamming your garbage disposal. On occasion, your garbage disposal may jam. A symptoms of this would be when you turn on the switch, the disposal might just hum. If this is what's happened, turn the switch off. Most disposals come with the unjamming tool. This is what they look like. A good place to keep them is under the sink, hereby the disposals you can find it necessary. On the bottom of your garbage disposal is receptor for this tool, right in the center. You insert the tool as such, and then you can rotate the turntable like such. For convenience, we have the disposal out here so we can show you the underside and where to insert the tool. As you can see the opening right here in the center, tool goes in there and then, it gives you leverage in order to rotate it. And as you can see here, we're turning the turntable. Some jams will be a little more difficult to undo. Don't force the disposal so much that you twist it out of the sink. Once you have the disposal free, the item that was jammed in the disposal may still be in there. So, take a look with the flashlight, but don't put your hands in the disposal. Once you see the item, reach in with a pair of tongs and remove the item. This way, you'll be unjamming the disposal in a safe manner. My name is Paul with Appliance Service By Paul in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we just talked about unjamming your disposal.