Video transcription

Hi, I'm Paul, from Appliance Service by Paul, a factory-authorized independent servicer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and today we're going to talk about cleaning the pump out on a front load washer. I have right here, a front load washer. First, you might want to know why we should do this. Inside the washer is a pump, which has a cleanout in it, and items that came out of the laundry can collect in this pump. And when they do, and there's too much, it can cause your washer to vibrate, to not drain, to not rinse properly and it can even damage the pump. Let's start by showing you how to get into this particular washer. There are two screws located here and here, and sometimes a third. I've already removed these the same time. Once those screws are out, you simply push down on the front panel. Now I have tipped the washer back, which is the way I like to do it because any water in our pump, which is right here, this is what we came to see, goes to the back. I also like an absorbent cloth on the floor, just in case there is any water. We simply rotate this like you would to unscrew a jar. On machines that have been used for awhile, this sometimes can be difficult, and it's okay to grasp this gently with a pair of pliers, not only to rotate it and get it loose, but also to pull it out. Once it's unthreaded, you simply pull and you can see we've got a collection of items, lint, stones. Now, if you find any coins, those are yours because you earned them. Once you've cleaned this out, then you simply reinstall it the same way we took it out. Reinstall your front panel, install your screws and you're good to go and that's a real easy way to save yourself a service call on your washing machine and ensure that it lasts a long time and your clothes will come out the way you expect them. Here's another example of a front load washer with a different type of access. As you can see the access is right here and there's a small slot there in which you can insert a screwdriver or something thin like this, push gently and lift it out. Now, our little pump access is right here. Again, we rotate it, and sometimes you'll need a pair of pliers or something to help you pull on it if you've got a lot of buildup in this. And here we've found some treasures. It looks like a golf tee. This particular one has a little slot that has to be lined up and this one happens to be in about that position, slide it in, tighten it down, close your cover and you're done.