Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tom, this is Rene. We are with Stout Landscape Design, and today we are going to show you how to install a water fountain. The first step is you need to dig a hole. This hole was pre-dug, and we also compacted the base and it's level. So, when we add this base, which is going to be submerged underground, so you are actually not going to see it. There's going to be decomposed granite that comes up to this level, and we are going to put gravel on the top. Okay, now that we have this pond base in level what we need to do is put this submersible pump in here. The water is going to be down here. And then there's a little notch right here that allows the cord to come out and go to back to the electrical outlet. And then, this top goes on here. I just want to check it one more time that it's level. Good. And now the next step is to get that mesh and put it over the hole so that the gravel does not go down inside of these holes. We've cut a hole in the middle of this mesh, and this mesh is enough to go over the edge here. You are not going to see any of these. This is going to be covered by decomposed granite on the side and gravel all over the top. So this mesh is here. Now we need to grab the fountain. The hose is going to take it from that submersible pump and put it up into this and then it's going to spill over the edge. Yep just like that. And let me show you this so you'll see that we've got some divots down here, this soil just needs to be put in around the edges here. And compacted really well all the way to the top of this grade. All the way around needs to be compacted. Now, after that's done and everything is level, we also need to check the level of this fountain. Yes, that's good. Now it's a little bit off here, so what we need to do is we can raise the backside of this with a couple of shims which we will do. Putty is going to go right around the bottom of this. It helps secure it in place, as well as level it out a little bit. And then, once that's done, we are going to put this gravel right on top of this. And now, I think this, you know, paints a better picture for you can, so you can see what the finished product is going to look like. But those are the basic steps. So, you dig the hole, you install the fountain, and then you put the water and the gravel on and plug it in. And I'm Tom, and this is Rene, and that's how you would install a fountain.