Video transcription

Hi, this is Ozzie Jacobs with Let's talk about yoga poses for knee problems. Knee problems occur due to knee injury but also because of muscular imbalances caused by excessive tightness in the muscles that surround the knees. You can have excessive tightness in your inner thigh, quads, hamstrings and even in your calves. There are a variety of yoga poses that help to stretch out those muscles that are excessively tight, and strengthen those muscles that are excessively weak, that in turn help to support the muscles surrounding the knee and help to relieve you of knee pain and help your body to function more appropriately, which avoids knee pain in the long run. So, let's do a pose called Versapro Dostana 2 or Warrior 2 that can help you combat your knee issues. So, we begin with the foundation with our feet firmly planted on the floor, extend your arms out to the sides, wrists in line with shoulders, then align your ankles underneath your wrists. So pretty wide, wider than you actually think they should be because you need that space so you can bend the knee accordingly. Now, rotate your right leg from the hip socket so that the toes can be perpendicular to the right side wall. Then rotate the back leg in about 30 degrees. You know you've got it when you have this front heel in line with the arch of the back foot. Press strongly with the outer edge of the left foot and slowly begin to bend your right knee, tracking it in the same direction as the second and third toe. This proper alignment requires or allows the thigh muscles to work together, avoiding the ligaments, avoiding the fact that the ligaments will engage if your knee goes from side to side. So, keep your knee tracking the same direction of the second and third toe, align the knee directly over your heel and then extend your arms wide. As you press strongly through your right heel, firm your right thigh bone deep into the pelvis, draw your left thigh bone back to create a nice stretch down your inner thigh and strengthening in your buttocks, reach your arms out to the side lift your sternum up high. We'll take three dynamically with movement. As you inhale, rotate the palms towards the sky and straighten your right leg, lifting all the muscles of the thigh to help you and then exhale right back down, press into your right heel, firm your right buttocks. Let's do this two more, inhale, rise, and exhale, firm. Work your right buttocks. Inhale and exhale. Now you'll hold this static position for about four breaths and then when you're ready to come out, bring your hands to your hips and slowly straighten your right leg, rotate so the feet are parallel to each other, bend the knees, step, hop or jump your feet together. And then, repeat on the other side. That was Versapro Dostana 2 a great yoga pose for knee issues. Thanks, this is Ozzie.