Video transcription

Hi, I'm Marci Degman the aspiring gardener and today we are going to talk about how to trim an ivy plant. As you can see, I have two different kinds of ivy growing in this well. Here I have kind of an unusual upright ivy that I've been training up this trellis. You don't see this one too much but it's basically got the average green leaf but it's very woody. It doesn't matter when it comes to trimming. This one down here is like a variegated form of English ivy and it's not the kind that gets berries or flowers so we don't have to worry about it becoming invasive. So if you really like ivy there's still hope. There's plenty of ivies you can grow. There's nothing to trimming ivy. You can't really hurt it it's a toughest plant. It's fast growing so you'll have to do this a couple of times a year. As you can see I've let it get kind of overgrown so it's time to give it a good trim. Now what I've done with this one is I've kept it inside the well so I've got quite a bit I can cut back. And there's no particular place to cut ivy. You can cut it wherever you want. So what I'm going to do is just pull this out and basically just trim it where ever I want. I don't have to worry about a joint. It will grow from where ever I cut it. Now you can also take a lot of these will have a little bit of root so you can also take that and start new ivy plants with that if you'd like. So basically I'm just going to go around. I like to leave a little bit of a natural appearance so I'll probably leave a few just for aesthetics. You can trim it as tight as you want. You can trim it down this way if you want. I like to leave a little bit but if you leave it, it will probably get about a foot tall. So you can take it down from the height as well if you want to. And I usually try to thin it out a little bit cause it will get pretty thick and after awhile you'll have a lot more brown leaves underneath if it doesn't have breathing room. So I just go ahead, it does attach itself to things like this so if you're concerned about that it doesn't really hurt the wood. It will leave a little bit of a check so if you don't want to have that happen you'll want to pull it away from any wood structures or anything that it's trying to grow up. As you can see it wants to go up the siding of this building so that I always trim away. Usually you can just pull on it and it will come off. And then trim it. And you can take this piece, strip the lower leaves and stick that in some potting soil and it'll start a new plant for you. So today we've learned how to trim an ivy plant.