Video transcription

Hi, I'm Hillary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist, coming to you from St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, we will be discussing reflexology points in the ear. Now, a lot of people, when they hear the word, reflexology, automatically think of the foot. And there's good reason for that. There are several micro-systems throughout the entire body. And now, what micro-systems are, they're areas of the body, where it's believed that you can treat anywhere else on the body. So, the foot being one, the hand as ell and the ear. So today, I'm going to show you some basic points for pain and for calming the mind. I'm going to do a couple points that are included in a protocol called Battlefield Acupuncture. Now, Battlefield Acupuncture is pretty unique, and that it's a modern day application of reflexology in the ear. The CIA actually took art ear diagram from acupuncture. And decided, which points would affect the negative feedback of pain in the brain. So, these five points, I typically do and then, depending on where the patient is having pain, we'll do those points, as well. So, in addition to acupressure today, with my fingers. I'm actually going to apply these ear seeds, these are vicarious seeds. They're neutral seed of the vicaria plant, what looks like a little Band-Aid over on. And so, you've probably seen people in the supermarket wearing these. And what this does is, it enables the patient to have some control over their pain. So, these stay on for about three or four days. And you can typically, apply acupressure yourself, throughout the day. When you're experiencing a lot of pain or say, right before you go to bed, so that it doesn't keep you awake. I will often give these to my patients, after applying them. So that they can reapply them and continue to have the benefits of acupressure, until their next visit. So, I'm just going to swab the ear first, with some alcohol and clean it off. Because you want to make sure that the ear is clean, so that they'll stick for the longest amount of time. So, now that has had a little bit of chance to dry. I'm going to apply one to the top of the ear, it's a point called Shen Men. And Shen Men is in most, all of your acupuncture or acupressure prescriptions in the ear. It's located in the hollow of the ear, here at the top. And sometimes, they'll even have like, a little discoloration to it. Or, if you're really sensitive on the patient, when you press it in. And so, this point has a very calming effect on the mind, which is great when you're dealing with pain. Because often times, we tend to work ourselves up, making the pain worse. Another point that is employed, is called Point Zero and sometimes this is referred as the reset button for the body, and so, find that. You're actually just going to follow Shen Men down to the crease that comes through the middle of the ear. And again, you're looking for any discoloration or bump or something that'll you know that the point is active. Now, Omega 2 is another point that is used in the Battlefield prescription. And that is found by pressing the outside of the ear, to the face, to find the apex of the ear, the apex is the top. And in between the apex and where the ear connects to the head, is where Omega 2 is. So, even though there's about five or six points that we use in the Battlefield acupressure, acupuncture series. Sometimes, these first three points are enough to actually reduce pain and certainly enough to calm the mind. So, in order to get a better understanding of which points are specific for you, visit your local acupuncture physician. If you don't know, have one or know where to find one, check out I'm Hillary Talbott and that was acupressure and reflexology in the ear.