Video transcription

Hello, I'm Doctor Robert Fenell with And today, I'm going to share with you some exercises on forearm and finger strengthening. These exercises can definitely be part of a rehabilitation protocol if you've been treated and released from a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome or a tendinitis in the wrist or hand, ore even the elbow area. Or maybe you play sports or activities such as tennis or golf or baseball where you grip a club or a bat and you have to hold on to it tightly. These are great exercises to give you the extra added strength you need to be that much more of an agile athlete at whatever sport you're engaged in. Let's talk about some of those exercises right now. First of all we're going to do a series of dumbbell exercises, doing the flexors, the extensors and then a combination of both. For men, you may use a five, eight or ten pound weight. For women, a one, three or five pound weight. And again, we're not trying to build large muscles here, we're just rehabilitating a condition here such as carpal tunnel syndrome or strengthening the wrist or hand. So, let's start with a five pound weight and do some flexion exercises. This is going to strengthen the muscle group on the palm side of the forearm. Use very slow and controlled repetitions. I recommend a six second repetition cycle. So, that means three seconds up and three seconds down, keeping the weight as steady as possible. You don't want it to bobble around and move around, because you want to build control with this as well. Do this for ten repetitions. Then go to a three pound weight, a little bit lighter for your extensor muscles. Same thing, three seconds up and three seconds down, for a six second cycle, keeping the weight steady. Now, you're going to do the combination exercise which is called radial deviation. This means you're going to use a combination of your flexors and your extensors to deviate the wrist sideways. Keeping your thumb upward, you're also going to use the heavier of the two weights, the five pound weight, with a six second cycle, three down and three up. These three exercises used together like that are great. Do five to ten repetitions, depending on your tolerance, and you do them every day. Do these exercises for four to eight weeks, depending on your recovery period. And be sure to always consult your physician to get the proper care plan. There's one more exercise I want to talk about that is a great one for the intrinsic muscles, the small muscles in the hand and also the palm side of the forearm for the flexors. This is using hand putty. Hand putty's a great way to really get these small muscles. Shape it in to almost like an egg shape. And then very gently and slowly and controlled, squeeze this as tightly as you possibly can until your fingers get almost the whole way through this putty. Then reform it into another egg shape and do it again, each time real slow and controlled, and form it back into an egg shape and again. Do this for five to ten repetitions. Again, I'm Doctor Fenell with, and I want to thank you for watching this video on forearm and finger strengthening exercises.