Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell with, and today I'm going to show you how to cure tendonitis in the wrist and hand. The first thing you can do is ice therapy. Use an ice pack directly over the painful point of your wrist or hand. So the ice is going to be applied for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. You can do that three to five times a day and generally speaking, it's good to use ice for about three days after the initial injury occurs. There are two stretches we're going to discuss. The first one we're going to stretch the flexor muscles which are the muscles on the front side of the forearm. The second we're going to stretch the extensors which is on the back side of the forearm. To stretch the flexor musculature, lock your elbows straight in front of you with your arm out, use your opposite hand to pull back on your fingertips until you're in full extension. You're going to feel a stretch across the palm side of your wrist and the palm side of your forearm. Hold that for five to ten seconds. Then do the same thing in the different direction. Point your hand downward to the floor and use your opposite hand to contact the backs of your fingers and stretch your extensor muscles. This is going to be a more gentle stretch because these tends are more delicate on the back side of your wrist and hands. You're going to also hold this for five to ten seconds. Do both of these exercises for five to ten repetitions and you can do them every day for improving range of motion in your wrist and hand. Now we're going to talk about some simple exercises, resistance exercises for strengthening of the forearm muscles and the hand muscles. So let's start with flexion exercises. This is going to strengthen the muscle group on the palm side of the forearm. Use very slow and controlled repetitions. I recommend a six second repetition cycle. So that means three seconds up and three seconds down, keeping the weight as steady as possible. You don't want it to bobble around or move around because you want to build control with this as well. Do this for ten repetitions. Then go to a three pound weight, a little bit lighter for your extensor muscles. Same thing, three seconds up and three seconds down for a six second cycle keeping the weight steady. Now you're going to do the combination exercise which is called radial deviation. This means you're going to use a combination of your flexors and your extensors to deviate the wrist sideways, keeping your thumb upward, you're also going to use the heavier of the two weights, the five pound weight with a six second cycle, three down and three up. These three exercises used together like that are great. Do five to ten repetitions depending on your tolerance and you can do them every day. Do these exercises for four to eight weeks depending on your recovery period. Another thing you can do during your workday to prevent re-aggravating your tendonitis condition is to wear a brace. The purpose of a brace is not to put pressure on the wrist. You're not trying to compress tissues, all you're trying to do is to limit the extremes of the range of motion. With a wrist brace, it's going to keep your wrist more neutral. You'll still be able to move your wrist but not to the full extremes and that's going to help prevent re-aggravating those tendons. And the last thing I'm going to talk about today for improving your tendonitis condition and probably the most important thing you can do is seeing a chiropractor who is specially trained and certified in treating the hand and wrist area. See the bones in your hand and wrist are misaligned as we talked about because of the repetitive stress. If you don't get those bones realigned appropriately, this tendonitis condition can keep coming back again and again. So by getting them adjusted gently back into place, it's going to ensure proper function and proper structure in your forearm, hand and wrist to give you the best relief possible for the longest period of time. Again my name is Dr. Robert Fenell with, and I want to thank you for watching this video on how to cure tendonitis in the wrist and hand.