Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell with And today I'm going to show you how to relieve pain from a sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the leg and it runs down the back of the leg the entire way to the foot. It's about the size of your thumb, it's a very large nerve. And it stems out of the lower lumbar vertebrae and groups together and passes through what we call the piriformis muscle. There are two main entrapment points or areas the sciatic nerve can become pinched. The vertebrae in the lumbar spine and as it goes through the bellies of the piriformis muscle. Today I'm going to show you two ways to relieve pain from the pinched sciatic nerve. The first way is stretching the piriformis muscle if in fact that's the site of impingement for that nerve. The first stretch we're going to have the patient bend their knee, cross it over the opposite knee and then they are going to stretch their knee across until they feel a stretching in their gluteal area, that's stretching the piriformis muscle. Hold that for about 10 seconds. You could do that for three to five repetitions. You can actually do this stretch a couple of times a day. The second and more advanced stretch, relax the leg down. Bend the opposite knee up and have the patient hold their knee and pull it up to their chest or as far as they can pull it until they feel a stretch in the same area in the gluteal. The next way to relieve a pinched sciatic nerve is to have a chiropractor adjust your lumbar spine. The sciatic nerve again branches off of the lower lumbar vertebrae. Many times if a vertebrae becomes misaligned it'll pinch that area of the nerve exits the spine and that causes that radiating pain into the leg. So if we simply find that misaligned bone as a chiropractor they'll do a gentle procedure called an adjustment where they are going to push the vertebrae very gently to relieve that stress and pressure off of the sciatic nerve, relieving your symptoms. If you are having pain in your lower back or radiating pain into your leg make sure you visit a licensed chiropractor for proper treatment and diagnosis. Again this is Dr. Robert Fenell with And thank you for watching my video.