Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell with, and today, I'm going to talk to you about how to treat arm pain from a pinched nerve. Let's talk about what can cause a pinched nerve relating to arm pain. Well, there are four different sites of entrapment, meaning four different areas of your body that you can develop a pinched nerve that can cause arm pain. A pinched nerve can happen in the neck, in the shoulder, the elbow, or even the wrist and hand. Now, it would take a doctor's diagnosis to figure out which of those areas is causing your arm pain, but let's talk about a few of the things that are done commonly to help reduce arm pain if you have it. First of all, improving your posture is one of the first steps you can take. If you work at a desk, or you stand, whatever you do, avoid the hunching forward. It's a common thing we do, because we're always working in front of our bodies. Our neck tends to hunch forward, our shoulders tend to round forward, and as a result, we get a hunching on our upper back and lower neck area, and that can irritate the nerves as they pass out of your neck part of your spine, in through the shoulder area. So, keeping your posture upright is a good thing. The second thing you can look at if you have arm pain is your sleep habits, your posture during the night. Are you a stomach sleeper, or are you a side sleeper, or a back sleeper? Back sleeping is the best posture you can be in during the night's sleep, because it's going to relax your neck, your shoulders, during the full night when you're sleeping. If you're a side sleeper, that can cause a lot of issues, because your shoulder that's down on the mattress is taking the full weight of your body, and that can irritate or compress those nerves coming out of your neck that go through your shoulder area. Even if it's your other shoulder, the one you're not sleeping on currently, depending on where you put that arm or position it, that stretch or irritate the nerves as well, as they pass through the shoulder. So, back sleeping is the most preferred. Now, let's take a look at chiropractic adjustment. This is one of the most popular methods to improve arm pain or reduce arm pain due to a pinched nerve. If the nerve's being inched in your cervical spine, which is the neck area, a simple chiropractic adjustment to the neck can relieve that pressure, and really relax that nerve, giving your symptomatic relief. Shoulder adjustments can help improve or take the pressure off if you've got a pinched nerve in your shoulder area. Of course elbow adjustments will help a pinched nerve in the elbow. And finally, if your pinched nerve is in the wrist or hand area, a wrist adjustment is a great way to relieve that tension and stress on the nerve. Make sure to always consult your physician, because arm problems can be indicative of systemic or more serious health conditions as well, too. For example, many times, left shoulder and left arm pain can be indicative of a heart condition. So, see your doctor, make sure you have an accurate diagnosis before you just jump to conclusions on what your arm pain is coming from. Again, my name is Dr. Robert Fenell with, and I want to thank you for watching this video today on how to treat arm pain from a pinched nerve.