Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell with, and today I'm going to show you how to heal a bunion. Well, a bunion occurs between the long first bone in the foot and the first toe. This long bone will splay inward like this and the toe bone will splay outward like this opening up an open wedge between those two bones. Why does it happen? Usually bunions occur in women more than men and generally speaking a lot of times it's due to improper footwear, wearing high heels, especially high heels with constricting narrow toe boxes that push inward on the toes causing that deformity to occur, that open toe wedge. There's a couple things you can do right in the comfort of your own home to reduce the stress of your bunion if you suffer from bunion pain. The first thing is look at your footwear, really evaluate it. What can you do to improve upon that? See a high heel shoe puts the foot at a disadvantage by placing the foot in this position especially most high heels have a very constricting toe box, what happens is it automatically causes this first toe bone to splay inward like that and as a result the toe would move the other direction causing that open wedge and the bunion to start forming. The bunion becomes a callous between those two open bones which ends up becoming very painful for the patient. Another thing you can do from home for your bunion is known as ice massage. You're going to hold an ice cube, be sure to hold it using a glove or a dishcloth like I have here because you want to make sure you don't freeze your fingers off. You're going to hold that cube and put the cube directly on the bunion and massage right over where the pain is in a circular fashion. Don't put a whole lot of pressure, just gentle pressure but you're going to massage that bunion for approximately five minutes. You're going to feel the cold penetrate deep into that bunion joint and this is going to help to reduce the swelling and inflammation giving you the relief you've been wanting. Finally if you suffer from bunion pain, one of the most beneficial things you can do is visit with a chiropractor whose been specially trained and certified in adjusting the bones of the feet. See bunions are due to a misalignment of the bones in the feet. If you don't get those bones realigned, you can never have the full relief from a bunion problem. So when a chiropractor is going to realign those 26 bones in the feet, it's really those long bones and the first toe bone that are the main culprits. So we're going to palpate those bones which means we're going to feel the movement of them and check the alignment of them and we're going to realign them or do what's called a foot bone adjustment. You'll be amazed by how much stress that foot bone adjustment will take off your bunion joints and allow you to walk and feel the freedom in your first toe that you haven't felt in a long time. Again, this is Dr. Robert Fenell with, and I want to thank you for watching this video on how to heal a bunion.