Video transcription

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell with and today I'm going to show you how to correct foot pronation. Now when we talk about correcting foot pronation, we're actually talking about correcting over pronation of the foot because pronation of the foot is a normal process. Let's go ahead and show you what I'm talking about right now. This is a bone model of the human foot. As you go through the gait cycle or walking cycle, it's natural for the outside part of the heel to contact the ground first and then about mid stance the foot starts to rotate in and it rotates about 15 degrees into your toe off on all five toes very evenly. That rotating process, that 15 degree rotation is called pronation. Over pronation is you still land on the outer part of your heel but you rotate 20 to 30 degrees inward and you put far too much weight bearing on the first and second toe when you toe off which causes a lot of functional problems in the foot. Now we know what foot pronation is, let's talk about some of the conditions that it can lead to and some of the corrections we can offer for it. If you pronate, you can have a myriad of different symptoms including foot pain and numbness, heel problems, mid arch problems and even toe problems. Just about any foot dysfunction that you can be suffering with could be related to your foot pronation problem. So it's very important that you have foot pronation corrected and accurately treated. One of the options are orthotics or special inserts that can be put inside of your shoes when you walk and run. This is a custom made orthotic made in a doctor's office. The way this occurs is you see your chiropractor, they make an imprint or mold of your foot, it's almost like a blueprint to your specific foot so your arch is designed into the support going into your shoe. So it fit likes a glove. It supports the arch of the foot and it gives you cushion for your heel and cushion for your toes as well too. The other thing we can do that's even more beneficial than orthotics for foot pronation is realigning those 26 bones that have become misaligned in your foot and that's done by seeing a chiropractor who is specially certified in doing foot adjusting. The foot adjustment should not be a painful process. In fact, many patients say it relieves the pain almost immediately and gives them more flexibility and strength with their feet. Never attempt to adjust your own feet. Only get adjusted by a chiropractor who has been specially trained and certified in foot bone adjusting. Thanks again for watching this video. This is Dr. Robert Fenell with