Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chris Voorhees. I'm the Executive Sous Chef here at Contemporary Catering. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a hot chili pepper infused olive oil. Olive oil, add your olive oil to the pot. Oil background flavor, I'm going to add just a touch of sesame oil. You don't want to add too much or you'll just, it'll taste like sesame oil. That should be about enough; a couple of tablespoons. Some dried chilis; I'll do a couple of different kinds. So, these I believe are some dried Guajillos and then some little Japanese dried peppers. So, basically, bring that up to temperature once you have the crackling going. You're not getting a whole lot of color out of this. For a little more color if you want, it'll actually be like a nice red oil, I suggest taking a little like Spanish or smoke paprika. In this case, we're going to use Spanish paprika. Add that, just a little bit of dusting in there and it'll also release a nice amount of color; so, you have a nice red chili oil. So, it looks like what you buy in the store. Once again, just bring that up to temp and you start to hear crackling and popping. Remove it from the heat. Let it the oil come down to a cool temperature with the chilis and everything in there. That way, you'll maintain all of the nice flavors, you won't burn the chilis or the paprika and you'll get a nice red chili oil.