Video transcription

Hi everyone, Alan Trout again, and, talking about the Rockabilly scale, you know, versus a major pentatonic and a minor pentatonic. And really, it's the minor pentatonic. But, I'm going to tell you a secret, this is the only thing that's really worked for me, especially in a jam situation. It's really the scale that you can just really play, almost in any circumstances and almost any kind of music. But, determining whether if it's a Country major pentatonic. Well, so, let's say, if you were in the key of A, everyone knows the Blue scale. That's your minor pentatonic, and this way, you can just take the same pattern, do it again. We can slide it down, hash that, bring it back, up. And then, come down with the minor pentatonic. It's a great Rockabilly scale that minor pentatonic, no matter what key, what song you're playing is. If you get a grip going, I want you to stay with that pattern and you'll be just fine.