Video transcription

I'm Deb Shoemaker, and I'm an Art Therapist with Integrated Therapy Associates, and I'm going to present to you a few art therapy directives that I use with children. Some of the typical art materials that I use with the children; in the beginning, I use markers and different size magic markers and color pencils, some crayons, I have those available. But, children tend to not to gravitate towards the crayons 'cause I think they use those at school a lot. Though, I have Sharpie pens or permanent pens, and they love those 'cause I think they're taboo anywhere else, and they gravitate right to those. And then, I do use paint with the children; but, I don't keep that out because if it's a, the paint is a very loose material and if there's some issues about losing control, I wouldn't want to make that happen. Collage is another directives that I, I use or make, way to make a heart change 'cause of the, there's a lot symbolic implications in putting things back together in a collage. So that, if that were our goal or something we we're working on, for example, if it were a, a family of recent divorce or still working through a separation or divorce with a child, I would use, I might use collage for that symbolism of putting things back together. And that was some basic information about using art therapy techniques and approaches with children.