Video transcription

Hi, I'm Eve White with Pilates Studio City, and I'm here to talk to you about how to strengthen flabby arms. We all love having that little bat wing hanging around us, but we really want to get those toned gorgeous arms. So, we're going to talk a little bit about that. Now, it's important that you alternate between using heavier weights and also light weights. I'm using two pound weights here so that I can really work the arm in its full range, and I can do a long lever movement. When you're working with really heavy weights, you have to be careful about using long motions with the arm fully extended. Usually, using heavy weights is better for bicep curls, for picking up dead lifts off the floor, but in this case, we're going to use two pound weights. You can use balls. You can use hand weights, anything that challenges you so that when you're holding the arms out to the sides, it gets really heavy after a few seconds. So, we're going to hold the arms out at a T, and I call this T with a twist. So, we're going to rotate the arm down and rotate it up. We're going to rotate the arm down and rotate it up. You're rotating the arm from inside the shoulder socket. This really helps to feel like the arms are wrapping around the bones. You're creating sinewy muscle here, rotating and working the muscles around the bones. You're also working shoulder rotation. We're going to relax the arms now and go into the next one. A basic bicep curl, but instead of doing it down here, we're going to extend the arms up, extend and bend to the shoulder. Extend all the way out, make those shoulders hold up those two pounds, and bend to the shoulder. So, we're really working out in front of us as far as we can. I'm Eve White, and that's how to strengthen flabby arms.