Video transcription

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I have been a makeup artist and skin care specialist for upwards of five years. And today, we'll be discussing how to remove blackheads with baking soda. For this you are going to need a cup or bowel. You are going to use one part water, one part baking soda. You are going to need some type of applicator. I have a toothbrush here because the soft bristles aid in a nice exfoliation as well. So, to get started here, I already have my glass with some water in it. And then we are going to use an equal amount of baking soda till we produce a paste. Mix it up. I actually do want it a little bit thicker than that. Here we go. So, I am using this end of the toothbrush to mix it up. I'll wipe it off cause I'm going to want to end up handling that. And so now I take the toothbrush area, saturate it and pretending for a moment that my hand is my nose or my T-zone area. What we are going to do is put it on. And I'm using small circular motions which is as I said before going to aid in exfoliation. But what the baking soda actually does it works like a magnet almost. This over the oil will soak up all of the oil and like a magnet soak the dirt right out of the pores. Don't forget these are small circular motions. Light, you don't want to press down too hard. You don't want to be breaking the skin. Light exfoliation is enough to really put this to work. Thank you so much for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and this was how to remove blackheads with baking soda.