Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm an Instructor at Golds Gym. I want to show you a few exercises that you can do that will help with Kyphosis. So, what is Kyphosis? It's basically the rounding of the shoulders. So, if you're sitting at a desk all day, what happens to you, and I'll turn from the side and a lot of people, not just older people 'cause think of people, think of the older people, kind of rounding the shoulders. And it's true. But, with us having this day jobs, desk jobs, we start to round the shoulder and what's happening is, the chest is just kind of shortening and these muscles are getting weak. So, we've got to strengthen the muscles, the trapezius area, strengthen those muscles. So, here is how. I'm going to start on my belly, simple way that you can correct Kyphosis. It's going to start with a letter Y. So, you got your arms out to the side, the thumbs are up, we're just going to lift and lower. Lift and lower. So, I'm strengthening the muscles along the back and right between the shoulder blades. Two more. I'm looking straight down. One more. Okay. The next letter, T. Same idea. You're just going to lift and lower. So, I'm strengthening the muscles right between the shoulder blades and right in the trapezius area, "Hmm, ahh". One more, "Ahh." Next letter, W. Same idea. This one's little easier actually; lift and lower, 'cause I've got a shoulder lever. When you do this, think of like pinching the shoulder blades together. Pinch. Two more, "Ahh". One more , "Ahh". And that W is awesome 'cause when I lift, I'm stretching my chest muscles which have become shortened because of the rounding of the shoulders. So, what does going to do all these exercises? Strengthening your back, abs in and up, it's going to help you walk taller and help prevent the rounding of the shoulders.