Video transcription

Hi, this is Taylor Libonati, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a world map. So, to start out, we're going to rough out the seven different continents starting on the left here with North America. You know the general shape of the United States as it comes down into Mexico and then the top that comes and ridges off into islands. So then, from that shape, we can move down and see where South America comes into play off of the bottom of Mexico and it comes down almost to a point and then further along here we have Africa, just roughing out the general shapes. Right above that is Europe with many different islands or not, sorry. Right above that we have Europe with many different jagged landscapes coming out and then it comes into contact with Asia, connecting down to Australia. And then last but not least towards the bottom of the world we have Antarctica. Okay, now that we have those placed we can start to form in some lines of where these shapes really take place. Then once we have these outlines filled in we can go ahead and add our labels, I guess. South America, on to Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. This is Taylor Libonati, and this has been how to draw a world map.