Video transcription

Hi I'm Jennifer Jackson with Fusion Body Work in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm going to show you a few more acupressure points for high blood pressure or hypertension. So the first one I want to show you is large intestine 11. If you go right to the crease of your arm, you're going to go on the radial side of that. On the radial side of that epicondyle for the humerus. Just press and hold. I'm going to hold that for about 20 seconds. The next point I want to show you is right in between the first and second toe. Right where they join you're going to go half a cen up and hold. And then the last one is one cen up from that. So one and a half total from the webbing. And just press and hold that one. Both of these are excellent points. Again my name is Jennifer Jackson, and I'm with Fusion Body Work. We just went over a few acupressure points also dealing with hypertension or high blood pressure.