Video transcription

Did you know that drinking through a straw can actually create lip wrinkles? Smoking is another big one. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay beauty expert, and I'm going to tell you how to get rid of wrinkles above the upper lip. Most importantly you want to exfoliate. Exfoliating is going to help remove those dead dry skin cells and it's going to increase circulation which will help get rid of those wrinkles on the upper lip line. Another thing I suggest is using a product that will hydrate the skin and keep the area moist. I like this Lip Revive, and I also have a lip product that I like very much. It's got argerline in it, and argerline helps prevent strong muscle contraction, works a little bit like Botox so it's going to help soften out those expression lines and make the lip look a little smoother. So I'm going to just have Nanette apply a little bit of this product to her upper lip and you want to apply it not only to the lip but all of the area around the lip. Again you don't want to stretch or tug on the skin, that's going to create more wrinkles and try drinking without a straw, that's going to be a big plus in keeping down those lip wrinkles. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay beauty expert.