Video transcription

Scarves make great accessories and there's lots of different ways to fold them. Hi, I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert, and I'm going to show you, how to fold a square scarf. First, we're going to take our scarf and we're going to lay it down with the print side, down. This is a basic triangular fold, you're going to fold it in half on the bias, creating a triangle. This can be worn around the hip, over the shoulders, or as a head scarf, lots of different ways to wear this. Another way to fold a square scarf, is to turn it into a rectangular scarf. We do that by first folding in one corner, into the middle. Then, we'll fold the opposite end, so the points meet in the middle. Then, you're going take one side, fold it over towards the middle, again. We'll do the same thing with the opposite side and we'll do it once more on each side. And we're going to fold the square in half. And now, we've created a long, rectangular scarf, which can be worn over the neck or again, around the waist, lots of different ways. One more way to tie a square scarf is to basically fold it in half, matching the corners up. Folding it in half, again and then, one more time. This makes a smaller rectangular scarf. Which is great, for just to go around the neck and fill in the collar of your shirt. And that's how you tie a square scarf. I'm Kelly Machbitz, your Tampa Bay fashion expert.