Video transcription

I'm Chris Sierzant, Owner of Escalade Rock Climbing Gym. I'm going to show you guys some tips on how to use the ATC belay device. When you put your belay device, you want to take your belay device out; it's a lot easier to manage. You're going to be able to feed a bite of rope which is a bend of rope into the top side of one of the two sides that you have. And, take your locking carabiner whether it's a screw gate or an auto locker; clip it into the bottom. Make sure that it's through the loop as well. And then, you're going to clip this into your belay device. Once all your equipment is properly connected, you're going to ready, let your climber know when you're ready and then, your climber knows when they're ready and when there start, they start to climb, you belay. When you're belaying, you want to take the slack out of the rope for the climber. So, as they climb, they create slack. Your job as a belayer is to remove the slack from the rope so that they can safely climb without falling very far. As you pull up, your right hand here, that's your break hand, you never want to let go of that. So, you can kind of use your other hand to aid in sliding the right hand down just so you always have full control over your break hand. Now, when your climber is falling or ready to come down, you're going to take your break hand and lock it off down to your right hip. When they're actually ready to come down, you can hold onto both hands and switch for comfort and slowly lower the climber down by letting friction come through the device in your hand. I'm Chris Sierzant, and that's an extra tip on how to use the ATC.