Video transcription

Hello there. I'm Kendall McGuire, professional musician in Tampa Bay, Florida. And during this clip, I'm going to be speaking to you about various types of violins. Well, first of all, there's various types of sizes of violins. This violin which I have here is a full size violin. There's also 3/4 inch violins, half size violins, and 1/4 violins which when you are starting out obviously a lot of violin students start at age four or even some at age three or two. They need a smaller violin to fit their body. You want a violin to fit about so that the length of your arm reaches over the scroll. The scroll is this curly part on the end. So, you want the length of your arm to be able to extend out. And that's how you can fit a violin to tell if it's the right size for you. There's also brands of violins. Obviously sometimes starting out with more a beginner violin you can get more of a store brand a Suzuki or maybe rent it out from a local music store. And then of course there's all the way up to the finery of a Stradivarius, which is the most expensive violin you can buy. The one I own is actually a model copy of a Stradivarius made in Germany so it's not necessarily the nicest, nicest museum quality of violin. But it is crafted and made after a very fine and exquisite violin quality. One other thing I'd like to mention is a viola. Now, of course, a viola is not a violin but there tends to be a lot of confusion on this subject because violins and violas are held in the same way. And look fairly similar. The difference is a viola is larger and a viola is lower. Violin strings are G, D, A and E. And the viola strings are C, see they have a lower C string that a violin does not have. Then they have G, D, and A would be their last string. So, viola's do not have this high pitched E string up here. Viola is like the alto in a choir part, violin would be like the soprano. And of course, cello and then bass are also included in the string family. So, that's a little bit about various types of violins for you. I'm Kendall McGuire, thanks.