Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mary and this is Karina and we are with Aquatic Adventures in Roanoke, Virginia and today, we are going to teach you how to use a kick board. First of all, a kick board is a small square, it can be several different shapes flotation device that is use to help people focus on creating a better kick. So, Karina is going to show you how to hold the kick board. You put your hands at the top of the board, arms are out straight. You put the board in the water and she's going to push gently off the bottom of the pool and start her kick. Now, once your hands are out on the top of the board, what you want to remember is to let the board float on top of the water. We don't want to press it down under; just relax the arms. And, you're also going to have an option to put your hands at the bottom of the board if you want to practice putting your face on the water. So, you place the board on the water; just hold it lightly and you would kick with your face in the water and you can practice breathing and blowing bubbles, etcetera. I'm Mary and that's how to use a kick board.