Video transcription

Hey, are you a lady? I'm Wendi Braswell. The beauty and style expert. I'm here today to show you how to tie a ladies scarf. I love scarves. You probably have tons in your drawer and don't know what to do with them. I'm going to show you today three simple steps, how to feel like a lady. Plus how to wear a scarf like a lady. This one is beautiful. I love color. Enough with the black, ladies. Lets do a little color. That's what you want to add with the scarf. A little punch of color to look feminine. This is great, lightweight. First of all you're going to take your scarf and you're just going to fold it in half. Second, you're going to put it around your neck and we're going to kind of just drape it around her shoulders and tie it. You want to secure the tie like that. And you want to put it off center. That's one way to wear a ladies scarf and really feel like a lady. This is great for day, you're going to a luncheon, you have something strapless or showing your shoulders. It adds a little bit of color but actually a little bit of warmth. Okay, that's one way to wear it. The second way is you're going to pull the shoulders up and around your neck. Go ahead and pull your hair out if you have a lot of hair like Jody. And I love this down below the bust area. Now, if this is your thinnest part, tip ladies, this will make you look even thinner because you're camouflaging this and you're opening up the neck. When you open the neck and elongate, you look thinner. Tip to know. So, that's the second step for a ladies scarf. Third, all you're going to do is bring that loop up, very simple, around the neck and lets take it off center. Much more interesting. Keeps the neck open and you have the drape going to one side of the body. Love it. Adds color, definition, and a little bit of style pizazz. Scarfs are on trend. She looks beautiful. But if you want more style tips I have plenty on my website. You can find me at