Video transcription

Hi, I'm Wendi Braswell, Beauty and Style Expert. I'm here today to show you how to wear a dinner jacket. So, if you're going out for dinner and have a date or to have a date night with your wife or your girlfriend, I want to show you how to wear that dinner jacket and wear appropriate. First, we need to start off with the basics, the foundation which is a dress shirt. It needs to be cleaned first of all. It needs to be ironed for that dinner jacket and have a little bit of texture. This has some contrast, the white color; I love it with the tie that even makes it dressier and also pair it with the right slacks, a nice pair of dark slacks and the correct shoes. Make sure they're clean, that they're polished, there's no scabs. That's how you start off wearing a nice dinner jacket. Now, let's start off with our dinner jacket. I like a darker dinner jacket. You can't go wrong. It looks dressier, it's going to be appropriate and match a multitude of things. So, let's put on this dinner jacket. He's ready to go out. And this is how you wear a dinner jacket. It looks amazing. So, with the right shirt, tie, pants and shoes and you're ready for dinner. Enjoy it and I'm Wendi Braswell. For more tips, you can find me at