Video transcription

Hi, my name is Sara Muzzy, and I'm the owner of Fuzzy Muzzy Dog Academy, and I'd like to talk to you about how to train your dog not to bite. There are several reasons why your dog might bite. One of the reasons could be that your dog is highly reactive and under-socialized. If your dog bites due to these reasons, I would recommend that you call a certified dog training in your area and get behavioral consultations. Dog bites can be very serious and you need attention immediately for this problem. There's also other different categories of dog bites that could be called puppy nipping and/or mouthing. If you have a puppy that mouths or nips there are several things that you can do to help this problem. The first thing that you can do is remove your attention from the dog when he nips or mouths at you. For example, if I were to be playing with Zorro and he is nipping and mouthing me, I can take a way my hand and my attention. This is called negative reinforcement. He doesn't get to play with me. He doesn't get to lick or nip or mouth my hands. Zorry, very good. When your dog removes the unwanted behavior you can give the dog a reward such as a treat, a hug or a kiss. Another thing that you can do with puppy mouthing or nipping or play nipping is make a loud squeak like a litter make like "eek". Doing a loud squeak will let the dog know that he has hurt you, and he will remove the unwanted behavior. Once your dog removes the unwanted behavior, you also reward him with a treat. Another way to counteract puppy nipping or mouthing is to take your hand and put it in your dog's mouth while they are bitting or nipping you, and you go straight back into the dog's mouth. This will let the dog know that you don't like what they're doing and you can give them a signal. Let's see will you let me do it, will you? We'll try it with a treat. You go straight back into the dog's mouth and see how he tries to get away from it, he doesn't like that type of activity. So those are three ways to get your dog and/or puppy to stop mouthing and/or nipping. I'm Sara Muzzy, owner of Fuzzy Muzzy Dog Academy. Thanks.