Video transcription

Hi, I'm Marci Degman, the aspiring gardener, and today we are going to talk about mixing peat moss with top soil. Now, the reason you'd want to do that is one application that is common is that you are going to want to put grass seed in areas like this that are really bare. And peat moss has the ability to hold down the seed and to hold in moisture, which is the two things you really need when you're starting a new lawn or when you want to patch a lawn. So, what I am going to do today is I'm going to lay out some top soil and we are going to lay the peat moss out and add a little bit of grass seed to that. So, here's some good top soil so mixed with some healthy nutrition, some compost, different things that will help our grass, 'cause you definitely have to have something for that root system to go into as well. The peat moss isn't so good for that, the top soil is for the roots and the peat moss is to hold the seed moisture in. Now, one thing to remember when you are doing this for a lawn, peat moss is a little bit acidic so you will want to lime every year. But we always do that with our lawns anyway. So, what you want to do in this kind of application for grass seed is put down your top soil, sprinkle your grass seed. And then you wan to put a nice layer, just thick enough so you can't see the seed. Not too thick, 'cause the seed needs to get a little bit of sun to germinate, but just enough to cover it. Just like that. And then you take your hose and water it down really good. It's amazing. It will hold water probably three times longer then if you didn't have the peat moss. Another application you can use peat moss for is in container gardening. Whether it's top soil, potting mix, whatever it is you are using you can just sprinkle a few handfuls in.But most of the time it's used for plants like orchids and other things that really need a loose you know, soilless medium. So, the most important thing you can use it for is to get your grass going. So, now you know how to use peat moss in top soil.