Video transcription

Hi, I'm Lora from Pilates Studio City, and I'm going to show you some abdominals to flatten your midsection. First, we need to learn that your midsection here, the core as people say is like a corset. So, to work that and to really cinch it in like you're tightening your belt you need to strengthen the obliques as well as the lower abdominals, the transverse abdominals. So today we are going to do some knee drifts to really target that corset area. Okay, bring your right leg to table top. And then your left leg. Now, the first thing I want you to do is pull those abs in and cinch it in like a belt. Take a deep breath in as your knees float over to the right, lifting your opposite hip and pressing the shoulder down then exhale. Wring those abdominals out and pull the knees back to center. Inhale, float over to the other side. Exhale, pull those abdominals in and bring it right back to neutral. Inhale over to the side. Exhale, abdominals in and scoop to pull those knees back. And again over to the side. So, as she is doing this, she is keeping her shoulders pressed down. Her head pressed down. And really sending her focus, her mind body connection to this corset wrapping here. Let's do one more . Over to the side and back center. Now, you want it to work a little bit more right. So you are going to stretch those legs up to the ceiling and she's going to do tick-tock. She is going to go over to the side, exhale back center. And then over to the other side. Exhale, the legs are longer and they're heavier so now you are working those core muscles a little bit more. Flattening those stomach muscles. Exhale, pulling back in, and bend the knees in and rest. Thanks, I'm Lora from Pilates Studio City, and those are your abdominal exercises to create a flat midsection.