Video transcription

Hi. I'm Amelia and I'm going to show you some tips on blow drying short hair. Basically with short hair you just don't have to do a lot of blow drying unless you're trying to straighten curl or get volume where you want it. If you're trying to get volume you're going to want to bend your head over and blow dry it up and if you are trying to straighten the hair you're going to want to use a brush and really kind of brush that hair out. This cut's a little bit more on the funky side so I'm not looking for a real smooth finish on this. Basically I'm just wanting to blow it up and get that, that spikiness and all that pieciness out. But if this was more on a curly hairstyle, again, I'd want to use a brush and really try and pull that curl out. And then for the volume up top I would want to use a round brush and really pull that, that weight out by taking that hair and really pulling it up and away from the scalp and that's going to get me that volume through the crown that I want. And, also, you're going to want to make sure that product is your best friend with short hair because in order to hold a lot of the modern short hairstyles you really need some sort of finishing product. A palm aide or a glossing cream, a hairspray. Something to really give a lot of hold and finish to a lot of the modern short hairstyles. And a lot of them tend to be asymmetrical right now, so you've got a lot of length through the front that you're trying to smooth and you can use that again with a flat brush. I would recommend just smoothing it through the sides and pulling out any wave that you have because a lot of people have that wave that goes on on the bottom of the hair. Right through here, they get a lot of that wave. So you'll want to pull that through with either a round brush or a flat brush, get some of that weight out. Pull up these pieces in the back to get a lot more volume and body. Add your finishing product and your hairspray. And those some ideas on how to blow dry short hair.