Video transcription

Hi, my name is Giulliano Prieto, general engineering contractor with Prieto Engineering here in Los Angeles, California, and I'm here to to talk to you about types of concrete floor finishes. Some of the most common concrete finishes begin with broom finish, a hard trowel finish, an exposed finish, a seeded aggregate or glass finish, a stamped concrete finish. The first one I'll talk about is a broom finish. Typically, a broom finish is required in walkways and sidewalks especially required by cities or municipalities. The reason why the broom finish is performed is because of its traction and durability on the tread surface. The second one is a smooth finish or hard troweled finish. A hard troweled finish is very easy to polish. Most interiors nowadays are being polished in order to take on a stain or just a highly polished look that almost looks like granite. This right here is a sand blast finish. Most of our finishes in this area are sometimes called and exposed finish. The exposures begin from a very light exposure such as this one and it moves all the way up into gradients such as exposing the actual aggregate. The thinner the exposure, the more sandy it will appear. The thicker the exposure, the more aggregate will show. This is a seeded finish or otherwise known as an aggregate finish. The reason why I call this one a seeded finished is because we've actually seeded it with glass. During the finishing process while the concrete is still wet, we've added glass aggregate to the surface of the concrete. Then, we've added a special retarder that allows for the concrete surface to stay moist until the following day where we remove that and expose the glass. This is a stamped concrete finish. What we've done is we've laid texture mattes on top of the concrete while still wet and we've actually pounded the impression on to the surface of the concrete. There are so many different types of ways to create impressions on concretes through stamped concrete, they are truly endless, from wood finishes, from looks of tile, to random patterns, anything you could probably lay your eyes on can become a stamped pattern. Many of these types of finishes and patterns can be found on driveways, patios, walkways and many other areas. In fact, one of the trends is to bring in stamped concrete into the home and place the stamped concrete while the foundation is being done. It cuts costs in many other ways such as tile or granite or any other flooring material. My name is Giulliano Prieto with Prieto Engineering, and I thank you for the opportunity to show you the various types of concrete floor finishes.