Video transcription

Hi, my name is Giulliano Prieto, a general engineering contractor with Prieto Engineering in Los Angeles, California, and today I will show you how to repair uneven concrete floors. Today, the materials that we will need are a large grinder, a concrete grinding cup wheel, concrete glue, a brush, a trowel, a small trowel, a bucket of water, a bucket to mix our products with and non-shrink grout. Typically, floors are uneven where there is multiple joints or where there is two separate pieces of concrete that come together. A lot of times, one piece will lift up a little bit higher than the other. In this case this piece is a little bit higher than this one. I have a concrete trowel here to show how uneven it is. It just stops right up to there. So, what I want is to even it out. I'll have to come back a couple inches just to give it a little bit of a ramp in between this piece and that piece, so that when I come across I can almost come across smoothly all the way and lessen a tripping hazard. Next, I'm going to take my grinder with my concrete cup wheel and I'm going to apply it to this surface and come across smoothly lowering down the higher surface to about three to four inches. Now that I have grinded this concrete surface, what I am going to do is I'm going to fill in this area that has separated. Many times when there has been lifting, once we have grinded down the taller area, there tends to be a little bit of a gap in between and so what we like to do is we like to not only fill the gap but we also like to even it out, even on to the lower area to prevent a tripping hazard. Next, I'm going to take my broom and clean off the surface in preparation for the concrete glue. We'll apply the concrete glue directly to the surface and you'll need just enough to coat the entire surface and then take the same brush and spread it around. This glue will now need to sit so that it can bond to the existing material and then take on the new material creating one single bond. Next, I'm going to apply some repair material to the area that we have placed the concrete glue. Feel free to ask your local building supply for the proper repair material that's available in your area. Now, I'll take just enough repair material to put over the surface and to fill in any imperfections. I'll smooth it out and fill in, allow that to set just long enough for you to finish it properly. Now, I'm going to take my larger trowel and I'm going to even the surface between both areas. This way, I ensure that I have one level plane between the two areas. The final step is to clean off the area in and around that we've been working and that completes it. My name is Giulliano Prieto with Prieto Engineering, and I thank you for watching my video on how to fix an uneven concrete floor.