Video transcription

Hello, I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control in St. Petersburg, Florida. Bedbugs have become a major problem. The other day I was asked, "How do I kill bedbugs with alcohol?" Well, what I'm reading out of that question is they're trying to kill the bedbugs in a safe and a natural way. Well, alcohol will work; it's not necessarily my preferred methodology. Here's what I would recommend, is you take a spritz bottle and mix it with a ratio of clean water and rubbing alcohol, no less than fifty/fifty. Alright? Now, you want to take that and you want to spritz it onto the fabric of, say, a mattress, and get it so it's wet, it's actually damp, and do the entire mattress with that, let it soak in. This will work at reducing some of the egg count. I wouldn't count on this being your number one solution in getting rid of bed bugs. Bedbugs are tough little critters, and you've really got to tackle them from a lot of different angles, but if you want to try that and see if that works for you, it's your first line of approach with a very, very safe solution. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control, coming to you from sunny St. Petersburg.