Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mike O'Neal, President of Denver Darts. Today we are at Naughty Prince Dart Bar here in Denver, Colorado and we're going to go step-by-step and show you how to install a bristle dartboard. We'll need a backboard. We'll need a dartboard, need a dartboard kit, need a screwdriver and a measuring tape. The first step we go through here would be to install your backboard which is fairly simply. It has a dead center mark. You move it exactly 5'8" up and anchor it to the wall. The next step would then be to put the dark bracket up which consists of two screws, the bottom of that bracket goes directly to center. The third step would be to put the screw into the back of the dartboard and the fourth as you adjust the screw down, slide it on the bracket and you're ready to play.