Video transcription

Hi, my Tanya Batts, and I'm an Instructor at Golds Gym. I'm going to show you a few exercises for the abs, the butt and the thigh. Okay, I'm going to start with the thighs. It's kind a different exercises, thigh and abdominals. All I want you to do is have the knees directly below your hips, abs in, the low back is straight. Cross the arms over the chest and you're just going to lean backward, you're going to fall and come forward. Looks fairly simple; but I tell you, those thighs will be burning so good tomorrow. Lean back, if you want it a little bit harder, extend the arms in front of you. So, you're not sinking the butt down, you got a long spine, all the way up from the crown of the head through the knees. So, that's a great one for the core, a little bit of low back and definitely a lot of thigh. Okay, another one that kind of covers all three of these exercises or covers all three of these muscles. We're going to come all the way down; it's one exercise and it's awesome. The feet are flat, touch your heels with your fingertips. Knees remain hip distance. I want you to inhale, "Hhhh", exhale lift the hips. This is bridge pose. We're lifting the hips, the abs are engaged, the butt is working the butt and the thighs are completely burning. So, the abs are pulled in; just holding this pose is pretty amazing. Tuck one shoulder blade, then the other. Helps the chest to lift, it helps the hips lift. If you want a little more butt work, extend one leg up and pulse. So, this is bridge pose with the pulsing of the leg. That's targeting the butt; four, three, two, one. Lower that foot, keep the hips lifted, other leg's coming up, press. So, you're trying to reach that toe up to the ceiling; four, three, two, one. The foot comes down, hips lift, abs engaged, come all the way down just to make sure we got the abdominals. Let's do, fingertips on the head, crunch it up. This is kind of a reverse curl and upper body curl. Crunch. Ohh! So, we just worked the thighs, we just worked the butt and I just wan to make sure we got enough abdominal work. Boom! Okay. So, those are three moves you can do that target those three areas.